Information Systems


GroupWiseGroupWise is LifeBridge Health’s electronic email system. GroupWise supports emails, document management and calendars. The GroupWise icon is located on every desktop computer.

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HealthStreamHealthStream is LifeBridge Health’s Learning Management System that houses employees’ assignments, competencies, CPR modules, e-learning modules, To-Do Lists, learning activities, tasks and transcripts. The icon to access HealthStream is located on your desktop. If the icon is not on your desktop, it will be listed under the Start Menu.

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Freedom to Achieve (FTA) Annual Performance Appraisal

Freedom to Achieve!Freedom to Achieve is LifeBridge Health’s annual performance appraisal system. This system serves as a basis for employees to enter their strengths as well as opportunities for growth and development in performing the duties and responsibilities as outlined in the job description. It also serves as documentation and adherence to LBH values and performance standards. Every employee receives an annual performance appraisal.

To access Freedom to Achieve, click the logo on the BridgeNet page.